Documenting the diversity of Africa's reptile and amphibian fauna

Compiler's note:

This checklist has been compiled through extensive use of the invaluable resources provided by Darryl Frost for the Amphibia and Peter Uetz for the Reptilia. Please refer to Darryl Frost's Amphibian Species of the World or Peter Uetz's THE EMBL REPTILE DATABASE for further details of distribution, synonomy and authorship of the taxa concerned. The present compilation excludes the Indian Ocean islands of the Malagasy subregion although we hope to add these in due course.

Any errors or omissions in this checklist are solely the responsibility of the compiler and do not reflect on the original sources of the material. Taxonomy changes as our knowledge base is refined and expanded so do not regard this checklist as either final or definitive.



Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Arthroleptidae


Arthroleptis adelphus
Arthroleptis adolfifriederici
Arthroleptis affinis
Arthroleptis bivittatus
Arthroleptis brevipes
Arthroleptis carquejai
Arthroleptis francei
Arthroleptis reichei
Arthroleptis stenodactylus
Arthroleptis tanneri
Arthroleptis tuberosus
Arthroleptis variabilis
Arthroleptis wahlbergii
Cardioglossa aureoli
Cardioglossa cyaneospila
Cardioglossa dorsalis
Cardioglossa elegans
Cardioglossa escalerae
Cardioglossa gracilis
Cardioglossa gratiosa
Cardioglossa leucomystax
Cardioglossa liberiensis
Cardioglossa melanogaster
Cardioglossa nigromaculata
Cardioglossa oreas
Cardioglossa pulchra
Cardioglossa schioetzi
Cardioglossa trifasciata
Cardioglossa venusta
Schoutedenella crusculum
Schoutedenella discodactyla
Schoutedenella hematogaster
Schoutedenella lameerei
Schoutedenella loveridgei
Schoutedenella milletihorsini
Schoutedenella mossoensis
Schoutedenella nimbaensis
Schoutedenella phrynoides
Schoutedenella poecilonotus
Schoutedenella pyrrhoscelis
Schoutedenella schubotzi
Schoutedenella spinalis
Schoutedenella sylvatica
Schoutedenella taeniata
Schoutedenella troglodytes
Schoutedenella vercammeni
Schoutedenella xenochirus
Schoutedenella xenodactyla
Schoutedenella xenodactyloides
Schoutedenella zimmeri

Family: Astylosternidae

Astylosternus batesi
Astylosternus diadematus
Astylosternus fallax
Astylosternus laurenti
Astylosternus montanus
Astylosternus nganhanus
Astylosternus occidentalis
Astylosternus perreti
Astylosternus ranoides
Astylosternus rheophilus
Astylosternus schioetzi
Leptodactylodon albiventris
Leptodactylodon axillaris
Leptodactylodon bicolor
Leptodactylodon blanci
Leptodactylodon boulengeri
Leptodactylodon erythrogaster
Leptodactylodon mertensi
Leptodactylodon ornatus
Leptodactylodon ovatus
Leptodactylodon perreti
Leptodactylodon polyacanthus
Leptodactylodon ventrimarmoratus
Leptodactylodon wildi
Nyctibates corrugatus
Scotobleps gabonicus
Trichobatrachus robustus

Family: Bufonidae

Altiphrynoides malcolmi
Bufo amatolicus
Bufo amieti
Bufo angusticeps
Bufo arabicus
Bufo asmarae
Bufo beiranus
Bufo blombergi
Bufo brauni
Bufo brongersmai
Bufo buchneri
Bufo bufo
Bufo camerunensis
Bufo chudeaui
Bufo cristiglans
Bufo damaranus
Bufo danielae
Bufo djohongensis
Bufo dodsoni
Bufo dombensis
Bufo fenoulheti
Bufo fuliginatus
Bufo funereus
Bufo gariepensis
Bufo garmani
Bufo gracilipes
Bufo grandisonae
Bufo gutturalis
Bufo hoeschi
Bufo inyangae
Bufo kassasii
Bufo kavangensis
Bufo kerinyagae
Bufo kisoloensis
Bufo langanoensis
Bufo latifrons
Bufo lemairii
Bufo lindneri
Bufo lonnbergi
Bufo lughensis
Bufo maculatus
Bufo mauritanicus
Bufo melanopleura
Bufo mocquardi
Bufo nyikae
Bufo pantherinus
Bufo pardalis
Bufo parkeri
Bufo pentoni
Bufo perreti
Bufo poweri
Bufo rangeri
Bufo reesi
Bufo regularis
Bufo robinsoni
Bufo schmidti
Bufo steindachneri
Bufo superciliaris
Bufo taiensis
Bufo taitanus
Bufo togoensis
Bufo tuberosus
Bufo turkanae
Bufo urunguensis
Bufo uzunguensis
Bufo vertebralis
Bufo villiersi
Bufo viridis
Bufo vittatus
Bufo xeros
Capensibufo rosei
Capensibufo tradouwi
Didynamipus sjostedti
Laurentophryne parkeri
Mertensophryne micranotis
Nectophryne afra
Nectophryne batesii
Nectophrynoides asperginis
Nectophrynoides cryptus
Nectophrynoides minutus
Nectophrynoides tornieri
Nectophrynoides viviparus
Nectophrynoides wendyae
Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis
Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis
Schismaderma carens
Spinophrynoides osgoodi
Stephopaedes anotis
Stephopaedes howelli
Stephopaedes loveridgei
Stephopaedes usambarae
Werneria bambutensis
Werneria mertensiana
Werneria preussi
Werneria tandyi
Wolterstorffina chirioi
Wolterstorffina mirei
Wolterstorffina parvipalmata

Family: Discoglossidae

Alytes obstetricans
Discoglossus pictus

Family: Heleophrynidae

Heleophryne hewitti
Heleophryne natalensis
Helophryne orientalis
Heleophryne purcelli
Heleophryne regis
Heleophryne rosei

Family: Hemisotidae

Hemisus brachydactylus
Hemisus guineensis
Hemisus guttatus
Hemisus marmoratus
Hemisus microscaphus
Hemisus olivaceus
Hemisus perreti
Hemisus wittei

Family: Hylidae
Subfamily: Hylinae

Hyla arborea
Hyla meridionalis

Family: Hyperoliidae
Subfamily: Hyperoliinae

Acanthixalus spinosus
Afrixalus aureus
Afrixalus brachycnemis
Afrixalus clarkeorum
Afrixalus crotalus
Afrixalus delicatus
Afrixalus dorsalis
Afrixalus enseticola
Afrixalus equatorialis
Afrixalus fornasini
Afrixalus fulvovittatus
Afrixalus knysnae
Afrixalus lacteus
Afrixalus laevis
Afrixalus leucostictus
Afrixalus lindholmi
Afrixalus morerei
Afrixalus nigeriensis
Afrixalus orophilus
Afrixalus osorioi
Afrixalus paradorsalis
Afrixalus schneideri
Afrixalus septentrionalis
Afrixalus spinifrons
Afrixalus stuhlmanni
Afrixalus sylvaticus
Afrixalus uluguruensis
Afrixalus upembae
Afrixalus vibekensis
Afrixalus weidholzi
Afrixalus wittei
Alexteroon hypsiphonus
Alexteroon jynx
Alexteroon obstetricans
Arlequinus krebsi
Callixalus pictus
Chlorolius koehleri
Chrysobatrachus cupreonitens
Cryptothylax greshoffii
Cryptothylax minutus
Hyperolius acuticephalus
Hyperolius acuticeps
Hyperolius acutirostris
Hyperolius ademetzi
Hyperolius albofrenatus
Hyperolius argus
Hyperolius atrigularis
Hyperolius balfouri
Hyperolius baumanni
Hyperolius bicolor
Hyperolius bobirensis
Hyperolius bocagei
Hyperolius bolifambae
Hyperolius bopeleti
Hyperolius brachiofasciatus
Hyperolius castaneus
Hyperolius chlorosteus
Hyperolius chrysogaster
Hyperolius cinereus
Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris
Hyperolius concolor
Hyperolius cystocandicans
Hyperolius diaphanus
Hyperolius discodactylus
Hyperolius endjami
Hyperolius fasciatus
Hyperolius ferreirai
Hyperolius ferrugineus
Hyperolius frontalis
Hyperolius fuscigula
Hyperolius fusciventris
Hyperolius ghesquieri
Hyperolius gularis
Hyperolius glandicolor
Hyperolius guttulatus
Hyperolius horstockii
Hyperolius houyi
Hyperolius hutsebauti
Hyperolius inornatus
Hyperolius kachalolae
Hyperolius kibarae
Hyperolius kihangensis
Hyperolius kivuensis
Hyperolius kuligae
Hyperolius langi
Hyperolius lateralis
Hyperolius laticeps
Hyperolius laurenti
Hyperolius leleupi
Hyperolius leucotaenius
Hyperolius lucani
Hyperolius maestus
Hyperolius major
Hyperolius marginatus
Hyperolius mariae
Hyperolius marmoratus
Hyperolius minutissimus
Hyperolius mitchelli
Hyperolius montanus
Hyperolius mosaicus
Hyperolius nasutus
Hyperolius nienokouensis
Hyperolius nimbae
Hyperolius nitidulus
Hyperolius obscurus
Hyperolius occidentalis
Hyperolius ocellatus
Hyperolius orkarkarri
Hyperolius parallelus
Hyperolius pardalis
Hyperolius parkeri
Hyperolius phantasticus
Hyperolius pickersgilli
Hyperolius picturatus
Hyperolius pictus
Hyperolius platyceps
Hyperolius polli
Hyperolius polystictus
Hyperolius protchei
Hyperolius pseudargus
Hyperolius puncticulatus
Hyperolius punctulatus
Hyperolius pusillus
Hyperolius pustulifer
Hyperolius pyrrhodictyon
Hyperolius quadratomaculatus
Hyperolius quinquevittatus
Hyperolius raveni
Hyperolius reesi
Hyperolius rhizophilus
Hyperolius riggenbachi
Hyperolius robustus
Hyperolius rhodesianus
Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus
Hyperolius sankuruensis
Hyperolius schoutedeni
Hyperolius seabrai
Hyperolius semidiscus
Hyperolius sheldricki
Hyperolius soror
Hyperolius spinigularis
Hyperolius steindachneri
Hyperolius stenodactylus
Hyperolius sylvaticus
Hyperolius swynnertoni
Hyperolius tannerorum
Hyperolius thoracotuberculatus
Hyperolius tornieri
Hyperolius torrentis
Hyperolius tuberculatus
Hyperolius tuberilinguis
Hyperolius vilhenai
Hyperolius viridiflavus
Hyperolius viridigulosus
Hyperolius viridis
Hyperolius wermuthi
Hyperolius xenorhinus
Hyperolius zonatus
Kassinula wittei
Nesionixalus molleri
Nesionixalus thomensis

Subfamily: Kassininae

Kassina cassinoides
Kassina cochranae
Kassina fusca
Kassina kuvangensis
Kassina lamottei
Kassina maculata
Kassina maculifer
Kassina maculosa
Kassina mertensi
Kassina senegalensis
Kassina somalica
Opisthothylax immaculatus
Paracassina kounhiensis
Paracassina obscura
Phlyctimantis boulengeri
Phlyctimantis keithae
Phlyctimantis leonardi
Phlyctimantis verrucosus
Semnodactylus wealii

Subfamily: Leptopelinae

Leptopelis anchietae
Leptopelis argenteus
Leptopelis aubryi
Leptopelis barbouri
Leptopelis bequaerti
Leptopelis bocagii
Leptopelis boulengeri
Leptopelis brevipes
Leptopelis brevirostris
Leptopelis broadleyi
Leptopelis bufonides
Leptopelis calcaratus
Leptopelis christyi
Leptopelis concolor
Leptopelis cynnamomeus
Leptopelis fenestratus
Leptopelis fiziensis
Leptopelis flavomaculatus
Leptopelis gramineus
Leptopelis jordani
Leptopelis karissimbensis
Leptopelis kivuensis
Leptopelis lebeaui
Leptopelis macrotis
Leptopelis marginatus
Leptopelis millsoni
Leptopelis modestus
Leptopelis mossambicus
Leptopelis natalensis
Leptopelis nordequatorialis
Leptopelis notatus
Leptopelis occidentalis
Leptopelis ocellatus
Leptopelis omissus
Leptopelis oryi
Leptopelis palmatus
Leptopelis parbocagii
Leptopelis parkeri
Leptopelis parvus
Leptopelis ragazzii
Leptopelis rufus
Leptopelis susanae
Leptopelis uluguruensis
Leptopelis vannutellii
Leptopelis vermiculatus
Leptopelis viridis
Leptopelis xenodactylus
Leptopelis yaldeni
Leptopelis zebra

Family: Microhylidae
Subfamily: Brevicipitinae

Balebreviceps hillmani
Breviceps acutirostris
Breviceps adspersus
Breviceps fuscus
Breviceps gibbosus
Breviceps macrops
Breviceps maculatus
Breviceps montanus
Breviceps mossambicus
Breviceps namaquensis
Breviceps poweri
Breviceps rosei
Breviceps sylvestris
Breviceps verrucosus
Callulina kreffti
Probreviceps macrodactylus
Probreviceps rhodesianus
Probreviceps uluguruensis
Spelaeophryne methneri

Subfamily: Melanobatrachinae

Hoplophryne rogersi
Hoplophryne uluguruensis
Parhoplophryne usambarica

Subfamily: Phrynomerinae

Phrynomantis affinis
Phrynomantis annectens
Phrynomantis bifasciatus
Phrynomantis microps
Phrynomantis somalicus

Family: Pelobatidae

Pelobates varaldii

Family: Petropedetidae

Anhydrophryne rattrayi
Arthroleptella bicolor
Arthroleptella drewesii
Arthroleptella hewitti
Arthroleptella landdrosia
Arthroleptella lightfooti
Arthroleptella ngongoniensis
Arthroleptella villiersi
Arthroleptides dutoiti
Arthroleptides martiensseni
Cacosternum boettgeri
Cacosternum capense
Cacosternum leleupi
Cacosternum namaquense
Cacosternum nanum
Cacosternum platys
Cacosternum poyntoni
Cacosternum striatum
Dimorphognathus africanus
Ericabatrachus baleensis
Microbatrachella capensis
Natalobatrachus bonebergi
Nothophryne broadleyi
Petropedetes cameronensis
Petropedetes johnstoni
Petropedetes natator
Petropedetes newtoni
Petropedetes palmipes
Petropedetes parkeri
Petropedetes perreti
Phrynobatrachus accraensis
Phrynobatrachus acridoides
Phrynobatrachus acutirostris
Phrynobatrachus albolabris
Phrynobatrachus albomarginatus
Phrynobatrachus alleni
Phrynobatrachus alticola
Phrynobatrachus annulatus
Phrynobatrachus anotis
Phrynobatrachus asper
Phrynobatrachus auritus
Phrynobatrachus batesii
Phrynobatrachus bequaerti
Phrynobatrachus brevipalmatus
Phrynobatrachus calcaratus
Phrynobatrachus congicus
Phrynobatrachus cornutus
Phrynobatrachus cricogaster
Phrynobatrachus cryptotis
Phrynobatrachus dalcqi
Phrynobatrachus dendrobates
Phrynobatrachus dispar
Phrynobatrachus elberti
Phrynobatrachus francisci
Phrynobatrachus fraterculus
Phrynobatrachus gastoni
Phrynobatrachus ghanensis
Phrynobatrachus giorgii
Phrynobatrachus graueri
Phrynobatrachus guineensis
Phrynobatrachus gutturosus
Phrynobatrachus hylaios
Phrynobatrachus inexpectatus
Phrynobatrachus irangi
Phrynobatrachus keniensis
Phrynobatrachus kinangopensis
Phrynobatrachus krefftii
Phrynobatrachus latifrons
Phrynobatrachus liberiensis
Phrynobatrachus mababiensis
Phrynobatrachus manengoubensis
Phrynobatrachus minutus
Phrynobatrachus nanus
Phrynobatrachus natalensis
Phrynobatrachus ogoensis
Phrynobatrachus pakenhami
Phrynobatrachus parkeri
Phrynobatrachus parvulus
Phrynobatrachus perpalmatus
Phrynobatrachus petropedetoides
Phrynobatrachus plicatus
Phrynobatrachus pygmaeus
Phrynobatrachus rouxi
Phrynobatrachus rungwensis
Phrynobatrachus scapularis
Phrynobatrachus steindachneri
Phrynobatrachus sternfeldi
Phrynobatrachus stewartae
Phrynobatrachus sulfureogularis
Phrynobatrachus taiensis
Phrynobatrachus tokba
Phrynobatrachus ukingensis
Phrynobatrachus uzungwensis
Phrynobatrachus versicolor
Phrynobatrachus villiersi
Phrynobatrachus vogti
Phrynobatrachus werneri
Phrynodon sandersoni
Poyntonia paludicola

Family: Pipidae
Subfamily: Dactylethrinae

Hymenochirus boettgeri
Hymenochirus boulengeri
Hymenochirus curtipes
Hymenochirus feae
Pseudhymenochirus merlini
Silurana epitropicalis
Silurana tropicalis
Xenopus amieti
Xenopus andrei
Xenopus borealis
Xenopus boumbaensis
Xenopus clivii
Xenopus fraseri
Xenopus gilli
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus largeni
Xenopus longipes
Xenopus muelleri
Xenopus petersii
Xenopus pygmaeus
Xenopus ruwenzoriensis
Xenopus vestitus
Xenopus wittei

Family: Ranidae

Afrana amieti
Afrana angolensis
Afrana desaegeri
Afrana dracomontana
Afrana fuscigula
Afrana inyangae
Afrana johnstoni
Afrana ruwenzorica
Afrana vandijki
Afrana wittei
Amietia vertebralis
Amnirana albolabris
Amnirana amnicola
Amnirana asperrima
Amnirana darlingi
Amnirana galamensis
Amnirana lemairei
Amnirana lepus
Amnirana longipes
Amnirana occidentalis
Amnirana parkeriana
Aubria masako
Aubria subsigillata
Conraua alleni
Conraua beccarii
Conraua crassipes
Conraua derooi
Conraua goliath
Conraua robusta
Hildebrandtia macrotympanum
Hildebrandtia ornata
Hildebrandtia ornatissima
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis
Lanzarana largeni
Ptychadena aequiplicata
Ptychadena anchietae
Ptychadena ansorgii
Ptychadena arnei
Ptychadena bibroni
Ptychadena broadleyi
Ptychadena bunoderma
Ptychadena christyi
Ptychadena chrysogaster
Ptychadena cooperi
Ptychadena erlangeri
Ptychadena filwoha
Ptychadena gansi
Ptychadena grandisonae
Ptychadena guibei
Ptychadena harenna
Ptychadena ingeri
Ptychadena keilingi
Ptychadena longirostris
Ptychadena mahnerti
Ptychadena mapacha
Ptychadena mascareniensis
Ptychadena mossambica
Ptychadena nana
Ptychadena neumanni
Ptychadena newtoni
Ptychadena obscura
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus
Ptychadena perplicata
Ptychadena perreti
Ptychadena porosissima
Ptychadena pujoli
Ptychadena pumilio
Ptychadena retropunctata
Ptychadena schillukorum
Ptychadena stenocephala
Ptychadena straeleni
Ptychadena submascareniensis
Ptychadena subpunctata
Ptychadena superciliaris
Ptychadena taenioscelis
Ptychadena tellinii
Ptychadena tournieri
Ptychadena trinodis
Ptychadena upembae
Ptychadena uzungwensis
Ptychadena wadei
Pyxicephalus adspersus
Pyxicephalus edulis
Pyxicephalus obbianus
Rana saharica
Strongylopus bonaespei
Strongylopus fasciatus
Strongylopus fuelleborni
Strongylopus grayii
Strongylopus hymenopus
Strongylopus rhodesianus
Strongylopus springbokensis
Strongylopus wageri
Tomopterna cryptotis
Tomopterna delalandii
Tomopterna krugerensis
Tomopterna marmorata
Tomopterna natalensis
Tomopterna tandyi
Tomopterna tuberculosa

Family: Rhacophoridae
Subfamily: Rhacophorinae

Chiromantis kelleri
Chiromantis petersii
Chiromantis rufescens
Chiromantis xerampelina


Order: Caudata
Family: Salamandridae

Pleurodeles poireti
Pleurodeles waltl
Salamandra algira

Order: Gymnophiona
Family: Caeciliidae
Subfamily: Caeciliinae

Boulengerula boulengeri
Boulengerula changamwensis
Boulengerula fischeri
Boulengerula taitana
Boulengerula uluguruensis
Geotrypetes angeli
Geotrypetes pseudoangeli
Geotrypetes seraphini
Herpele multiplicata
Herpele squalostoma
Idiocranium russeli
Schistometopum gregorii
Schistometopum thomense
Sylvacaecilia grandisonae

Family: Scolecomorphidae

Crotaphatrema bornmuelleri
Crotaphatrema lamottei
Crotaphatrema tchabalmbaboensis
Scolecomorphus kirkii
Scolecomorphus uluguruensis
Scolecomorphus vittatus

Class: Reptilia
Subclass: Anapsida
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Superfamily: Testudinoidea
Family: Testudinidae

Chersina angulata
Furculachelys nabeulensis
Geochelone pardalis
Geochelone sulcata
Homopus areolatus
Homopus boulengeri
Homopus femoralis
Homopus signatus
Kinixys belliana
Kinixys erosa
Kinixys homeana
Kinixys natalensis
Kinixys spekii
Malacochersus tornieri
Psammobates geometricus
Psammobates oculiferus
Psammobates tentorius
Testudo flavominimaralis
Testudo graeca
Testudo kleinmanni
Testudo werneri

Superfamily: Trionychoidea
Family: Trionychidae

Cyclanorbis elegans
Cyclanorbis senegalensis
Cycloderma aubryi
Cycloderma frenatum
Trionyx triunguis


Superfamily: Chelonioidea
Family: Cheloniidae
Subfamily: Carettinae

Caretta caretta
Lepidochelys kempii
Lepidochelys olivacea

Subfamily: Cheloniinae

Chelonia mydas
Eretmochelys imbricata

Family: Dermochelyidae

Dermochelys coriacea

Suborder: Pleurodira
Superfamily: Pelomedusoidea
Family: Pelomedusidae
Subfamily: Pelomedusinae

Pelomedusa subrufa
Pelusios adansonii
Pelusios bechuanicus
Pelusios broadleyi
Pelusios carinatus
Pelusios castaneus
Pelusios castanoides
Pelusios chapini
Pelusios gabonensis
Pelusios marani
Pelusios nanus
Pelusios niger
Pelusios rhodesianus
Pelusios sinuatus
Pelusios subniger
Pelusios upembae
Pelusios williamsi

Subclass: Lepidosauria
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Sauria (Lacertilia)
Infraorder: Iguania
Family: Agamidae
Subfamily: Agaminae

Acanthocercus annectens
Acanthocercus cyanogaster
Acanthocercus phillipsii
Acanthocercus trachypleurus
Acanthocercus zonurus
Agama aculeata
Agama agama
Agama anchietae
Agama armata
Agama atra
Agama bocourti
Agama bottegi
Agama boueti
Agama boulengeri
Agama caudospinosa
Agama cornii
Agama doriae
Agama etoshae
Agama gracilimembris
Agama hartmanni
Agama hispida
Agama impalearis
Agama insularis
Agama kirkii
Agama mehelyi
Agama montana
Agama mossambica
Agama mwanzae
Agama paragama
Agama persimilis
Agama planiceps
Agama robecchii
Agama rueppelli
Agama sankaranica
Agama spinosa
Agama weidholzi
Laudakia atricollis
Laudakia stellio
Pseudotrapelus sinaitus
Trapelus flavimaculatus
Trapelus savignii
Trapelus tournevillei
Xenagama batillifera
Xenagama taylori

Subfamily: Leiolepinae

Uromastyx acanthinura
Uromastyx aegyptia
Uromastyx alfredschmidti
Uromastyx dispar
Uromastyx geyri
Uromastyx macfadyeni
Uromastyx occidentalis
Uromastyx ocellata
Uromastyx ornata
Uromastyx princeps

Family: Chamaeleonidae

Bradypodion caeruleogula
Bradypodion caffer
Bradypodion damaranum
Bradypodion dracomontanum
Bradypodion gutturale
Bradypodion karrooicum
Bradypodion melanocephalum
Bradypodion nemorale
Bradypodion nkandlae
Bradypodion occidentale
Bradypodion pumilum
Bradypodion setaroi
Bradypodion taeniabronchum
Bradypodion thamnobates
Bradypodion transvaalense
Bradypodion ventrale

Chamaeleo affinis
Chamaeleo africanus
Chamaeleo anchietae
Chamaeleo balebicornatus
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus
Chamaeleo calcaricarens
Chamaeleo camerunensis
Chamaeleo chamaeleon
Chamaeleo chapini
Chamaeleo conirostratus
Chamaeleo cristatus
Chamaeleo deremensis
Chamaeleo dilepis
Chamaeleo eisentrauti
Chamaeleo ellioti
Chamaeleo etiennei
Chamaeleo feae
Chamaeleo fuelleborni
Chamaeleo goetzei
Chamaeleo gracilis
Chamaeleo harennae
Chamaeleo hoehnelii
Chamaeleo incornutus
Chamaeleo ituriensis
Chamaeleo jacksonii
Chamaeleo johnstoni
Chamaeleo kinetensis
Chamaeleo laevigatus
Chamaeleo laterispinis
Chamaeleo marsabitensis
Chamaeleo melleri
Chamaeleo monachus
Chamaeleo montium
Chamaeleo namaquensis
Chamaeleo necasi
Chamaeleo ntunte
Chamaeleo oweni
Chamaeleo pfefferi
Chamaeleo quadricornis
Chamaeleo quilensis
Chamaeleo roperi
Chamaeleo rudis
Chamaeleo ruspolii
Chamaeleo schoutedeni
Chamaeleo schubotzi
Chamaeleo senegalensis
Chamaeleo sternfeldi
Chamaeleo tempeli
Chamaeleo tremperi
Chamaeleo werneri
Chamaeleo wiedersheimi
Kinyongia adolfifriderici
Kinyongia carpenteri
Kinyongia excubitor
Kinyongia fischeri
Kinyongia oxyrhinum
Kinyongia tavetanum
Kinyongia tenue
Kinyongia uthmoelleri
Kinyongia xenorhinum
Nadzikambia mlanjense
Rhampholeon acuminatus
Rhampholeon beraduccii
Rhampholeon boulengeri
Rhampholeon chapmanorum
Rhampholeon gorongosae
Rhampholeon marshalli
Rhampholeon moyeri
Rhampholeon nchisiensis
Rhampholeon platyceps
Rhampholeon spectrum
Rhampholeon spinosus
Rhampholeon temporalis
Rhampholeon uluguruensis
Rhampholeon viridis
Rieppeleon brachyurus
Rieppeleon brevicaudatus
Rieppeleon kerstenii

Infraorder: Gekkota
Family: Gekkonidae
Subfamily: Eublepharinae

Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
Hemitheconyx taylori

Holodactylus africanus
Holodactylus cornii

Subfamily: Gekkoninae

Afroedura africana
Afroedura amatolica
Afroedura bogerti
Afroedura hawequensis
Afroedura karroica
Afroedura nivaria
Afroedura pondolia
Afroedura tembulica
Afroedura transvaalica
Afrogecko ansorgii
Afrogecko porphyreus
Afrogecko swartbergensis
Bunopus blanfordii
Chondrodactylus angulifer
Cnemaspis africana
Cnemaspis barbouri
Cnemaspis dickersoni
Cnemaspis dilepis
Cnemaspis gigas
Cnemaspis koehleri
Cnemaspis occidentalis
Cnemaspis petrodroma
Cnemaspis quattuorseriata
Cnemaspis spinicollis
Cnemaspis uzungwae
Colopus wahlbergii
Cryptactites peringueyi
Ebenavia inunguis
Euleptes europaea
Geckonia chazaliae
Goggia braacki
Goggia essexi
Goggia gemmula
Goggia hewitti
Goggia hexapora
Goggia lineata
Goggia microlepidota
Goggia rupicola
Haemodracon riebeckii
Haemodracon trachyrhinus
Hemidactylus albopunctatus
Hemidactylus aporus
Hemidactylus arnoldi
Hemidactylus barodanus
Hemidactylus bavazzanoi
Hemidactylus bayonii
Hemidactylus bouvieri
Hemidactylus brookii
Hemidactylus citernii
Hemidactylus curlei
Hemidactylus dracaenacolus
Hemidactylus echinus
Hemidactylus fasciatus
Hemidactylus flaviviridis
Hemidactylus forbesii
Hemidactylus frenatus
Hemidactylus funaiolii
Hemidactylus granchii
Hemidactylus granti
Hemidactylus greefii
Hemidactylus homoeolepis
Hemidactylus intestinalis
Hemidactylus isolepis
Hemidactylus jubensis
Hemidactylus kamdemtohami
Hemidactylus klauberi
Hemidactylus laevis
Hemidactylus laticaudatus
Hemidactylus longicephalus
Hemidactylus mabouia
Hemidactylus macropholis
Hemidactylus matschiei
Hemidactylus megalops
Hemidactylus mercatorius
Hemidactylus modestus
Hemidactylus muriceus
Hemidactylus ophiolepis
Hemidactylus ophiolepoides
Hemidactylus oxyrhinus
Hemidactylus platycephalus
Hemidactylus puccionii
Hemidactylus pumilio
Hemidactylus richardsonii
Hemidactylus ruspolii
Hemidactylus sinaitus
Hemidactylus smithi
Hemidactylus somalicus
Hemidactylus squamulatus
Hemidactylus tanganicus
Hemidactylus tasmani
Hemidactylus taylori
Hemidactylus tropidolepis
Hemidactylus turcicus
Hemidactylus yerburyi
Homopholis fasciata
Homopholis mulleri
Homopholis walbergii
Lygodactylus angolensis
Lygodactylus angularis
Lygodactylus bernardi
Lygodactylus bradfieldi
Lygodactylus broadleyi
Lygodactylus capensis
Lygodactylus chobiensis
Lygodactylus conradti
Lygodactylus conraui
Lygodactylus depressus
Lygodactylus fischeri
Lygodactylus grandisonae
Lygodactylus graniticolus
Lygodactylus gravis
Lygodactylus gutturalis
Lygodactylus howelli
Lygodactylus inexpectatus
Lygodactylus insularis
Lygodactylus keniensis
Lygodactylus kimhowelli
Lygodactylus klemmeri
Lygodactylus lawrencei
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus
Lygodactylus manni
Lygodactylus methueni
Lygodactylus nigropunctatus
Lygodactylus ocellatus
Lygodactylus picturatus
Lygodactylus rex
Lygodactylus scheffleri
Lygodactylus scorteccii
Lygodactylus somalicus
Lygodactylus stevensoni
Lygodactylus thomensis
Lygodactylus waterbergensis
Lygodactylus williamsi
Narudasia festiva
Pachydactylus amoenus
Pachydactylus austeni
Pachydactylus barnardi
Pachydactylus bibronii
Pachydactylus bicolor
Pachydactylus capensis
Pachydactylus caraculicus
Pachydactylus fasciatus
Pachydactylus formosus
Pachydactylus gaiasensis
Pachydactylus geitje
Pachydactylus haackei
Pachydactylus kladaroderma
Pachydactylus kobosensis
Pachydactylus kochii
Pachydactylus labialis
Pachydactylus laevigatus
Pachydactylus maculatus
Pachydactylus mariquensis
Pachydactylus monticolus
Pachydactylus namaquensis
Pachydactylus oculatus
Pachydactylus oreophilus
Pachydactylus oshaughnessyi
Pachydactylus punctatus
Pachydactylus rugosus
Pachydactylus sansteyni
Pachydactylus scherzi
Pachydactylus scutatus
Pachydactylus serval
Pachydactylus tetensis
Pachydactylus tigrinus
Pachydactylus tsodiloensis
Pachydactylus tuberculosus
Pachydactylus turneri
Pachydactylus vansoni
Pachydactylus weberi
Palmatogecko rangei
Palmatogecko vanzyli
Phelsuma dubia
Phelsuma ocellata
Phelsuma parkeri
Pristurus abdelkuri
Pristurus crucifer
Pristurus flavipunctatus
Pristurus guichardi
Pristurus insignis
Pristurus insignoides
Pristurus obsti
Pristurus phillipsii
Pristurus rupestris
Pristurus samhaensis
Pristurus simonettai
Pristurus sokotranus
Pristurus somalicus
Ptenopus carpi
Ptenopus garrulus
Ptenopus kochi
Ptyodactylus guttatus
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii
Ptyodactylus ragazzii
Quedenfeldtia moerens
Quedenfeldtia trachyblepharus
Rhoptropus afer
Rhoptropus barnardi
Rhoptropus biporosus
Rhoptropus boultoni
Rhoptropus braconnieri
Rhoptropus bradfieldi
Rhoptropus taeniostictus
Saurodactylus fasciatus
Saurodactylus mauritanicus
Stenodactylus petrii
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus
Tarentola annularis
Tarentola boehmei
Tarentola caboverdianus
Tarentola darwini
Tarentola deserti
Tarentola ephippiata
Tarentola gigas
Tarentola mauritanica
Tarentola mindiae
Tarentola neglecta
Tarentola parvicarinata
Tarentola rudis
Tropiocolotes nattereri
Tropiocolotes nubicus
Tropiocolotes steudneri
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus
Urocotyledon palmata
Urocotyledon weileri
Urocotyledon wolterstorffi

Infraorder: Scincomorpha
Family: Cordylidae

Chamaesaura aenea
Chamaesaura anguina
Chamaesaura macrolepis
Cordylus angolensis
Cordylus aridus
Cordylus beraduccii
Cordylus campbelli
Cordylus cataphractus
Cordylus cloetei
Cordylus coeruleopunctatus
Cordylus cordylus
Cordylus giganteus
Cordylus imkeae
Cordylus jonesii
Cordylus jordani
Cordylus lawrenci
Cordylus macropholis
Cordylus mclachlani
Cordylus minor
Cordylus namaquensis
Cordylus niger
Cordylus nyikae
Cordylus oelofseni
Cordylus peersi
Cordylus polyzonus
Cordylus pustulatus
Cordylus rhodesianus
Cordylus rivae
Cordylus tasmani
Cordylus tropidosternum
Cordylus ukingensis
Cordylus vittifer
Cordylus warreni
Platysaurus broadleyi
Platysaurus capensis
Platysaurus guttatus
Platysaurus imperator
Platysaurus intermedius
Platysaurus lebomboensis
Platysaurus maculatus
Platysaurus minor
Platysaurus mitchelli
Platysaurus monotropis
Platysaurus ocellatus
Platysaurus orientalis
Platysaurus pungweensis
Platysaurus relictus
Platysaurus torquatus
Pseudocordylus capensis
Pseudocordylus langi
Pseudocordylus melanotus
Pseudocordylus microlepidotus
Pseudocordylus nebulosus
Pseudocordylus spinosus

Family: Gerrhosauridae
Subfamily: Gerrhosaurinae

Angolosaurus skoogi
Cordylosaurus subtessellatus
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis
Gerrhosaurus major
Gerrhosaurus multilineatus
Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus
Gerrhosaurus typicus
Gerrhosaurus validus
Tetradactylus africanus
Tetradactylus breyeri
Tetradactylus eastwoodae
Tetradactylus ellenbergeri
Tetradactylus seps
Tetradactylus tetradactylus

Family: Lacertidae
Subfamily: Gallotiinae

Psammodromus algirus
Psammodromus blanci
Psammodromus microdactylus

Subfamily: Lacertinae

Acanthodactylus aureus
Acanthodactylus bedriagai
Acanthodactylus blanci
Acanthodactylus boskianus
Acanthodactylus boueti
Acanthodactylus busacki
Acanthodactylus dumerilii
Acanthodactylus erythrurus
Acanthodactylus guineensis
Acanthodactylus lineomaculatus
Acanthodactylus longipes
Acanthodactylus maculatus
Acanthodactylus pardalis
Acanthodactylus savignyi
Acanthodactylus scutellatus
Acanthodactylus spinicauda
Acanthodactylus taghitensis
Adolfus africanus
Adolfus alleni
Adolfus jacksoni
Adolfus vauereselli
Australolacerta australis
Australolacerta rupicola
Gastropholis echinata
Gastropholis prasina
Gastropholis tropidopholis
Gastropholis vittata
Holaspis guentheri
Holaspis laevis
Heliobolus lugubris
Heliobolus neumanni
Heliobolus nitida
Heliobolus spekii
Ichnotropis bivittata
Ichnotropis capensis
Ichnotropis chapini
Ichnotropis grandiceps
Ichnotropis microlepidota
Ichnotropis squamulosa
Ichnotropis tanganicana
Lacerta andreanskyi
Latastia boscai
Latastia carinata
Latastia cherchii
Latastia doriai
Latastia johnstonii
Latastia lanzai
Latastia longicaudata
Latastia ornata
Latastia siebenrocki
Latastia taylori
Meroles anchietae
Meroles ctenodactylus
Meroles cuneirostris
Meroles knoxii
Meroles micropholidotus
Meroles reticulatus
Meroles suborbitalis
Mesalina balfouri
Mesalina ercolinii
Mesalina guttulata
Mesalina martini
Mesalina olivieri
Mesalina pasteuri
Mesalina rubropunctata
Mesalina simoni
Nucras boulengeri
Nucras caesicaudata
Nucras intertexta
Nucras lalandii
Nucras livida
Nucras scalaris
Nucras taeniolata
Nucras tessellata
Ophisops elbaensis
Ophisops elegans
Ophisops occidentalis
Pedioplanis benguelensis
Pedioplanis breviceps
Pedioplanis burchelli
Pedioplanis gaerdesi
Pedioplanis husabensis
Pedioplanis laticeps
Pedioplanis lineoocellata
Pedioplanis namaquensis
Pedioplanis rubens
Pedioplanis undata
Philochortus hardeggeri
Philochortus intermedius
Philochortus lhotei
Philochortus phillipsi
Philochortus spinalis
Philochortus zolii
Podarcis hispanica
Podarcis perspicillata
Poromera fordii
Pseuderemias brenneri
Pseuderemias erythrosticta
Pseuderemias mucronata
Pseuderemias savagei
Pseuderemias septemstriata
Pseuderemias smithii
Pseuderemias striatus
Timon pater
Tropidosaura cottrelli
Tropidosaura essexi
Tropidosaura gularis
Tropidosaura montana

Family: Scincidae

Acontias breviceps
Acontias gracilicauda
Acontias lineatus
Acontias litoralis
Acontias meleagris
Acontias percivali
Acontias plumbeus
Acontias poecilus
Acontophiops lineatus
Afroblepharus duruarus
Afroblepharus seydeli
Afroblepharus tancredi
Afroblepharus wilsoni
Chabanaudia boulengeri
Chalcides armitagei
Chalcides chalcides
Chalcides colosii
Chalcides ebneri
Chalcides guentheri
Chalcides lanzai
Chalcides manueli
Chalcides minutus
Chalcides mionecton
Chalcides montanus
Chalcides ocellatus
Chalcides parallelus
Chalcides polylepis
Chalcides pseudostriatus
Chalcides pulchellus
Chalcides ragazzii
Chalcides thierryi
Cophoscincopus durus
Cophoscincopus greeri
Cophoscincopus simulans
Cryptoblepharus africanus
Eumecia anchietae
Eumecia johnstoni
Euprepes chaperi
Feylinia boulengeri
Feylinia currori
Feylinia elegans
Feylinia grandisquamis
Feylinia polylepis
Haackgreerius miopus
Leptosiaphos aloysiisabaudiae
Leptosiaphos amieti
Leptosiaphos blochmanni
Leptosiaphos dewittei
Leptosiaphos fuhni
Leptosiaphos gemmiventris
Leptosiaphos graueri
Leptosiaphos hackarsi
Leptosiaphos hylophilus
Leptosiaphos ianthinoxantha
Leptosiaphos kilimensis
Leptosiaphos lepesmei
Leptosiaphos luberoensis
Leptosiaphos meleagris
Leptosiaphos pauliani
Leptosiaphos rhodurus
Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis
Leptosiaphos vigintiserierum
Lygosoma afrum
Lygosoma grandisonianum
Lygosoma laeviceps
Lygosoma lanceolatum
Lygosoma mabuiiforme
Lygosoma mafianum
Lygosoma mocquardi
Lygosoma paedocarinatum
Lygosoma pembanum
Lygosoma productum
Lygosoma simonettai
Lygosoma somalicum
Lygosoma tanae
Lygosoma vinciguerrae
Mabuya acutilabris
Mabuya affinis
Mabuya albilabris
Mabuya angolensis
Mabuya aurata
Mabuya bayonii
Mabuya bensonii
Mabuya binotata
Mabuya bocagii
Mabuya boulengeri
Mabuya brauni
Mabuya brevicollis
Mabuya breviparietalis
Mabuya buettneri
Mabuya capensis
Mabuya chimbana
Mabuya delalandii
Mabuya ferrarai
Mabuya fogoensis
Mabuya geisthardti
Mabuya hemmingi
Mabuya hildae
Mabuya hildebrandtii
Mabuya hoeschi
Mabuya homalocephala
Mabuya irregularis
Mabuya ivensii
Mabuya lacertiformis
Mabuya laevis
Mabuya maculilabris
Mabuya margaritifera
Mabuya megalura
Mabuya mekuana
Mabuya mlanjensis
Mabuya occidentalis
Mabuya pendeana
Mabuya perrotetii
Mabuya planifrons
Mabuya polytropis
Mabuya punctulata
Mabuya quinquetaeniata
Mabuya rodenburgi
Mabuya socotrana
Mabuya spilogaster
Mabuya spinalis
Mabuya stangeri
Mabuya striata
Mabuya sulcata
Mabuya vaillantii
Mabuya varia
Mabuya variegata
Mabuya vittata
Mabuya wingati
Macroscincus coctei
Melanoseps ater
Melanoseps loveridgei
Melanoseps occidentalis
Melanoseps rondoensis
Mochlus brevicaudis
Mochlus fernandi
Mochlus guineensis
Mochlus sundevalli
Novoeumeces algeriensis
Novoeumeces schneideri
Panaspis africana
Panaspis annobonensis
Panaspis breviceps
Panaspis burgeoni
Panaspis cabindae
Panaspis chriswildi
Panaspis helleri
Panaspis kitsoni
Panaspis maculicollis
Panaspis megalurus
Panaspis nimbaensis
Panaspis quattuordigitata
Panaspis reichenowi
Panaspis rohdei
Panaspis thomasi
Panaspis togoensis
Panaspis wahlbergi
Parachalcides socotranus
Proscelotes aenea
Proscelotes arnoldi
Proscelotes eggeli
Scelotes anguina
Scelotes arenicola
Scelotes bicolor
Scelotes bidigittatus
Scelotes bipes
Scelotes bourquini
Scelotes caffer
Scelotes capensis
Scelotes duttoni
Scelotes fitzsimonsi
Scelotes gronovii
Scelotes guentheri
Scelotes inornatus
Scelotes insularis
Scelotes kasneri
Scelotes limpopoensis
Scelotes mirus
Scelotes mossambicus
Scelotes poensis
Scelotes schebeni
Scelotes sexlineatus
Scelotes uluguruensis
Scelotes vestigifer
Scincopus fasciatus
Scincus scincus
Scolecoseps acontias
Scolecoseps boulengeri
Scolecoseps litipoensis
Sepsina alberti
Sepsina angolensis
Sepsina bayoni
Sepsina copei
Sepsina tetradactyla
Sphenops delislei
Sphenops sepsoides
Sphenops sphenopsiformis
Typhlacontias brevipes
Typhlacontias gracilis
Typhlacontias johnsonii
Typhlacontias ngamiensis
Typhlacontias punctatissimus
Typhlacontias rohani
Typhlacontias rudebecki
Typhlosaurus aurantiacus
Typhlosaurus braini
Typhlosaurus caecus
Typhlosaurus cregoi
Typhlosaurus gariepensis
Typhlosaurus lineatus
Typhlosaurus lomii
Typhlosaurus meyeri
Typhlosaurus vermis

Infraorder Diploglossa
Family Anguidae
Subfamily Anguinae

Anguis fragilis
Ophisaurus koellikeri

Infraorder: Platynota (Varanoidea)
Family: Varanidae

Varanus albigularis
Varanus exanthematicus
Varanus griseus
Varanus niloticus

Suborder: Amphisbaenia
Family: Amphisbaenidae

Ancylocranium barkeri
Ancylocranium ionidesi
Ancylocranium somalicum
Baikia africana
Blanus cinereus
Blanus mettetali
Blanus tingitanus
Chirindia ewerbecki
Chirindia langi
Chirindia mpwapwaensis
Chirindia rondoensis
Chirindia swynnertoni
Cynisca bifrontalis
Cynisca degrysi
Cynisca feae
Cynisca gansi
Cynisca haughi
Cynisca kigomensis
Cynisca kraussi
Cynisca leonina
Cynisca leucura
Cynisca liberiensis
Cynisca muelleri
Cynisca nigeriensis
Cynisca oligopholis
Cynisca rouxae
Cynisca schaeferi
Cynisca senegalensis
Cynisca williamsi
Dalophia angolensis
Dalophia ellenbergeri
Dalophia gigantea
Dalophia longicauda
Dalophia luluae
Dalophia pistillum
Dalophia welwitschii
Geocalamus acutus
Geocalamus modestus
Loveridgea ionidesii
Loveridgea phylofiniens
Monopeltis adercae
Monopeltis anchietae
Monopeltis capensis
Monopeltis decosteri
Monopeltis galeata
Monopeltis guentheri
Monopeltis infuscata
Monopeltis jugularis
Monopeltis kabindae
Monopeltis leonhardi
Monopeltis luandae
Monopeltis perplexus
Monopeltis remaclei
Monopeltis rhodesiana
Monopeltis scalper
Monopeltis schoutedeni
Monopeltis sphenorhynchus
Monopeltis vanderysti
Monopeltis zambezensis
Zygaspis ferox
Zygaspis kafuensis
Zygaspis niger
Zygaspis quadrifrons
Zygaspis vandami
Zygaspis violacea

Family: Trogonophidae

Agamodon anguliceps
Agamodon compressus
Pachycalamus brevis
Trogonophis wiegmanni

Suborder: Ophidia (Serpentes)
Superfamily: Typhlopoidea (Scolecophidia)
Family: Typhlopidae

Ramphotyphlops braminus (Daudin, 1802)
Rhinotyphlops anomalus (Bocage, 1873)
Rhinotyphlops ataeniatus (Boulenger, 1912)
Rhinotyphlops boylei (FitzSimons, 1932)
Rhinotyphlops caecus
Rhinotyphlops crossii
Rhinotyphlops debilis
Rhinotyphlops erythraeus
Rhinotyphlops feae
Rhinotyphlops gracilis
Rhinotyphlops graueri
Rhinotyphlops kibarae
Rhinotyphlops lalandei
Rhinotyphlops leucocephalus
Rhinotyphlops lumbriciformis
Rhinotyphlops newtoni
Rhinotyphlops nigrocandidus
Rhinotyphlops pallidus
Rhinotyphlops praeocularis
Rhinotyphlops rufescens
Rhinotyphlops schinzi
Rhinotyphlops schlegelii
Rhinotyphlops scortecci
Rhinotyphlops simonii
Rhinotyphlops somalicus
Rhinotyphlops stejnegeri
Rhinotyphlops sudanensis
Rhinotyphlops unitaeniatus
Rhinotyphlops wittei
Typhlops albanalis
Typhlops angolensis
Typhlops bibronii
Typhlops blanfordii
Typhlops caecatus
Typhlops capensis
Typhlops congestus
Typhlops cuneirostris
Typhlops decorosus
Typhlops elegans
Typhlops fornasinii
Typhlops gierrai
Typhlops leucostictus
Typhlops lineolatus
Typhlops longissimus (?)
Typhlops manni
Typhlops obtusus
Typhlops platyrhynchus
Typhlops punctatus
Typhlops rondoensis
Typhlops schmidti
Typhlops socotranus
Typhlops steinhausi
Typhlops uluguruensis
Typhlops vermicularis
Typhlops verticalis
Typhlops zenkeri

Family: Leptotyphlopidae (Glauconiidae)

Leptotyphlops adleri
Leptotyphlops albiventer
Leptotyphlops algeriensis
Leptotyphlops bicolor
Leptotyphlops boueti
Leptotyphlops boulengeri
Leptotyphlops broadleyi
Leptotyphlops cairi
Leptotyphlops conjunctus
Leptotyphlops debilis
Leptotyphlops dissimilis
Leptotyphlops distanti
Leptotyphlops drewesi
Leptotyphlops emini
Leptotyphlops filiformis
Leptotyphlops gracilior
Leptotyphlops jacobseni
Leptotyphlops labialis
Leptotyphlops longicaudus
Leptotyphlops macrops
Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus
Leptotyphlops macrurus
Leptotyphlops narirostris
Leptotyphlops natatrix
Leptotyphlops nigricans
Leptotyphlops occidentalis
Leptotyphlops parkeri
Leptotyphlops pembae
Leptotyphlops perreti
Leptotyphlops perreti
Leptotyphlops reticulatus
Leptotyphlops rostratus
Leptotyphlops scutifrons
Leptotyphlops sundewalli
Leptotyphlops sylvicolus
Leptotyphlops telloi
Leptotyphlops wilsoni
Rhinoleptus koniagui

Superfamily: Henophidia (Boidea)
Family: Boidae
Subfamily: Erycinae

Calabaria reinhardtii
Eryx jaculus
Eryx somalicus
Gongylophis colubrinus
Gongylophis muelleri

Subfamily: Pythoninae

Python anchietae
Python natalensis
Python regius
Python sebae

Superfamily: Xenophidia (Colubroidea = Caenophidia)
Family: Atractaspididae
Subfamily: Atractaspidinae

Atractaspis aterrima
Atractaspis battersbyi
Atractaspis bibronii
Atractaspis boulengeri
Atractaspis coalescens
Atractaspis congica
Atractaspis corpulenta
Atractaspis dahomeyensis
Atractaspis duerdeni
Atractaspis engaddensis
Atractaspis engdahli
Atractaspis fallax
Atractaspis irregularis
Atractaspis leucomelas
Atractaspis microlepidota
Atractaspis micropholis
Atractaspis reticulata
Atractaspis scorteccii

Subfamily: Aparallactinae

Amblyodipsas concolor
Amblyodipsas dimidiata
Amblyodipsas katangensis
Amblyodipsas microphthalma
:Amblyodipsas polylepis
Amblyodipsas rodhaini
Amblyodipsas teitana
Amblyodipsas unicolor
Amblyodipsas ventrimaculata
Aparallactus capensis
Aparallactus guentheri
Aparallactus jacksonii
Aparallactus lineatus
Aparallactus lunulatus
Aparallactus modestus
Aparallactus moeruensis
Aparallactus niger
Aparallactus nigriceps
Aparallactus turneri
Aparallactus werneri
Brachyophis revoili
Chilorhinophis butleri
Chilorhinophis carpenteri
Chilorhinophis gerardi
Macrelaps microlepidotus
Polemon acanthias
Polemon barthii
Polemon bocourti
Polemon christyi
Polemon collaris
Polemon fulvicollis
Polemon gabonensis
Polemon gracilis
Polemon griseiceps
Polemon leopoldi
Polemon neuwiedi
Polemon notatum
Polemon robustus
Xenocalamus bicolor
Xenocalamus mechowii
Xenocalamus michellii
Xenocalamus sabiensis
Xenocalamus transvaalensis
Hypoptophis wilsoni
Micrelaps bicoloratus
Micrelaps boettgeri
Micrelaps muelleri
Micrelaps vaillanti
Elapotinus picteti (?)

Family: Colubridae
Subfamily: "Boodontinae"

Bothrolycus ater
Bothrophthalmus lineatus
Chamaelycus christyi
Chamaelycus fasciatus
Chamaelycus parkeri
Chamaelycus werneri
Cryptolycus nanus
Dendrolycus elapoides
Dipsina multimaculata
Dromophis praeornatus
Dromophis lineatus
Gonionotophis brussauxi
Gonionotophis grantii
Gonionotophis klingi
Grayia caesar
Grayia ornata
Grayia smythii
Grayia tholloni
Hormonotus modestus
Lamprophis abyssinicus
Lamprophis aurora
Lamprophis erlangeri
Lamprophis fiskii
Lamprophis fuliginosus
Lamprophis fuscus
Lamprophis geometricus
Lamprophis guttatus
Lamprophis inornatus
Lamprophis lineatus
Lamprophis maculatus
Lamprophis olivaceus
Lamprophis swazicus
Lamprophis virgatus
Lycodonomorphus bicolor
Lycodonomorphus laevissimus
Lycodonomorphus leleupi
Lycodonomorphus rufulus
Lycodonomorphus subtaeniatus
Lycodonomorphus whytii
Lycophidion acutirostre
Lycophidion albomaculatum
Lycophidion capense
Lycophidion depressirostre
Lycophidion hellmichi
Lycophidion irroratum
Lycophidion laterale
Lycophidion meleagris
Lycophidion namibianum
Lycophidion nanus
Lycophidion nigromaculatum
Lycophidion ornatum
Lycophidion pygmaeum
Lycophidion semiannule
Lycophidion semicinctum
Lycophidion taylori
Lycophidion uzungwense
Lycophidion variegatum
Macroprotodon cucullatus
Mehelya capensis
Mehelya crossi
Mehelya egbensis
Mehelya guirali
Mehelya laurenti
Mehelya nyassae
Mehelya poensis
Mehelya riggenbachi
Mehelya stenophthalmus
Mehelya vernayi
Pseudaspis cana
Pseudoboodon boehmei
Pseudoboodon gascae
Pseudoboodon lemniscatus
Pythonodipsas carinata
Scaphiophis albopunctatus
Scaphiophis raffreyi
Buhoma depressiceps
Buhoma procterae
Buhoma vauerocegae
Duberria lutrix
Duberria variegata
Montaspis gilvomaculata

Subfamily: Colubrinae

Aeluroglena cucullata
Boiga blandingii
Boiga pulverulenta
Coluber algirus
Coluber brevis
Coluber dorri
Coluber florulentus
Coluber hippocrepis
Coluber largeni
Coluber messanai
Coluber nummifer
Coluber rhodorhachis
Coluber rogersi
Coluber scortecci
Coluber sinai
Coluber smithi
Coluber socotrae
Coluber somalicus
Coluber taylori
Coluber zebrinus
Coronella girondica
Crotaphopeltis barotseensis
Crotaphopeltis braestrupi
Crotaphopeltis degeni
Crotaphopeltis hippocrepis
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
Crotaphopeltis tornieri
Dasypeltis atra
Dasypeltis fasciata
Dasypeltis inornata
Dasypeltis medici
Dasypeltis scabra
Dipsadoboa aulica
Dipsadoboa brevirostris
Dipsadoboa duchesnei
Dipsadoboa elongata
Dipsadoboa flavida
Dipsadoboa shrevei
Dipsadoboa underwoodi
Dipsadoboa unicolor
Dipsadoboa viridis
Dipsadoboa weileri
Dipsadoboa werneri
Dispholidus typus
Eirenis africana
Elaphe scalaris (?)
Gastropyxis smaragdina
Hapsidophrys lineatus
Meizodon coronatus
Meizodon krameri
Meizodon plumbiceps
Meizodon regularis
Meizodon semiornatus
Philothamnus angolensis
Philothamnus battersbyi
Philothamnus bequaerti
Philothamnus carinatus
Philothamnus dorsalis
Philothamnus girardi
Philothamnus heterodermus
Philothamnus heterolepidotus
Philothamnus hoplogaster
Philothamnus hughesi
Philothamnus irregularis
Philothamnus macrops
Philothamnus natalensis
Philothamnus nitidus
Philothamnus ornatus
Philothamnus punctatus
Philothamnus semivariegatus
Philothamnus thomensis
Prosymna ambigua
Prosymna angolensis
Prosymna bivittata
Prosymna frontalis
Prosymna janii
Prosymna meleagris
Prosymna ornatissima
Prosymna pitmani
Prosymna ruspolii
Prosymna semifasciata
Prosymna somalica
Prosymna sundevalli
Prosymna visseri
Rhamnophis aethiopissa
Rhamnophis batesii
Spalerosophis diadema
Spalerosophis dolichospilus
Spalerosophis josephscorteccii
Telescopus beetzi
Telescopus dhara
Telescopus gezirae
Telescopus obtusus
Telescopus pulcher
Telescopus semiannulatus
Telescopus variegata
Thelotornis capensis
Thelotornis kirtlandii
Thelotornis usambaricus
Thrasops flavigularis
Thrasops jacksonii
Thrasops occidentalis

Subfamily: Psammophiinae

Hemirhagerrhis hildebrandtii
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri
Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia
Hemirhagerrhis viperina
Malpolon moilensis
Malpolon monspessulanus
Psammophis aegyptius
Psammophis angolensis
Psammophis ansorgii
Psammophis biseriatus
Psammophis crucifer
Psammophis elegans
Psammophis jallae
Psammophis leightoni
Psammophis notostictus
Psammophis phillipsi
Psammophis pulcher
Psammophis punctulatus
Psammophis rukwae
Psammophis schokari
Psammophis sibilans
Psammophis subtaeniatus
Psammophis tanganicus
Psammophis trigrammus
Psammophylax rhombeatus
Psammophylax tritaeniatus
Psammophylax variabilis
Rhamphiophis acutus
Rhamphiophis maradiensis
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus

Subfamily: Natricinae

Afronatrix anoscopus
Hydraethiops laevis
Hydraethiops melanogaster
Natrix maura
Natrix natrix
Natrix tessellata
Amplorhinus multimaculatus
Limnophis bicolor
Natriciteres fuliginoides
Natriciteres olivacea
Natriciteres variegata

Family: Elapidae

Aspidelaps lubricus
Aspidelaps scutatus
Boulengerina annulata
Boulengerina christyi
Dendroaspis angusticeps
Dendroaspis jamesoni
Dendroaspis polylepis
Dendroaspis viridis
Elapsoidea broadleyi
Elapsoidea chelazzii
Elapsoidea guentherii
Elapsoidea laticincta
Elapsoidea loveridgei
Elapsoidea nigra
Elapsoidea semiannulata
Elapsoidea sundevallii
Elapsoidea trapei
Hemachatus haemachatus
Homoroselaps dorsalis
Homoroselaps lacteus
Naja annulifera
Naja haje
Naja katiensis
Naja melanoleuca
Naja mossambica
Naja nigricollis
Naja nivea
Naja pallida
Paranaja multifasciata
Pseudohaje goldii
Pseudohaje nigra
Walterinnesia aegyptia

Family: Hydrophiidae

Pelamis platurus

Family: Viperidae

Adenorhinos barbouri
Atheris acuminata
Atheris broadleyi
Atheris ceratophora
Atheris chlorechis
Atheris desaixi
Atheris hirsuta
Atheris hispida
Atheris katangensis
Atheris nitschei
Atheris rungweensis
Atheris squamigera
Atheris subocularis
Bitis albanica
Bitis arietans
Bitis armata
Bitis atropos
Bitis caudalis
Bitis cornuta
Bitis gabonica
Bitis heraldica
Bitis inornata
Bitis nasicornis
Bitis parviocula
Bitis peringueyi
Bitis rubida
Bitis schneideri
Bitis worthingtoni
Bitis xeropaga
Cerastes cerastes
Cerastes vipera
Echis coloratus
Echis hughesi
Echis jogeri
Echis leucogaster
Echis megalocephalus
Echis ocellatus
Echis pyramidum
Macrovipera deserti
Macrovipera lebetina
Macrovipera mauritanica
Montatheris hindii
Proatheris superciliaris
Pseudocerastes fieldi
Vipera latastei
Vipera monticola
Causus bilineatus
Causus defilippii
Causus lichtensteinii
Causus maculatus
Causus resimus
Causus rhombeatus

Subclass: Archosauria
Order: Crocodylia
Suborder: Eusuchia
Family: Crocodylidae
Crocodylus niloticus Laurenti, 1768
Crocodylus cataphractus Cuvier, 1825
Osteolaemus tetraspis Cope, 1861

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